Let Chirz become your go-to digital sommelier

Good food deserves good wine… and Chirz is the secret to pairing the right meal with the right drink. Anytime. From any device.

The wine pairing experience that goes beyond the traditional

For Restaurants

✓ Boost your wine & cocktail sales 

✓ Increase customer satisfaction & encourage them to come back

✓ Get better customer reviews

For Hotels

✓ Enhance your room service quality

✓ Increase the comfort & satisfaction of your guests

✓ Boost your wine & cocktail sales

For Diners

✓ Enjoy an outstanding dining experience

✓ Taste new wine labels & cocktails

✓ Impress your friends, partners, or colleagues

Discover how it works

It’s as easy as 1,2,3

Upload your food menu & drinks list

With Chirz, you can add your food menu and drinks list to the platform in a few clicks - from starters to desserts and from wines & cocktails to beers & sake.

Pair each meal with the right drink

Chirz lets you pair every item on your food menu with the right drink from your drinks list. You can do it yourself or let our expert sommelier do it for you.

Get the right pairing

It’s time to let Chirz work its magic!
Your customers will be able to access your restaurant’s menu and find the right wine or cocktail pairings for their meal.

Get started with Chirz.