The story of how we got started on Chirz

Chirz is a pairing solution app built by hospitality people for restaurateurs, with the goal of being on every restaurant table providing a seamless, intuitive and efficient way for diners to choose their drinks.

Chirz aims to revolutionize the way restaurants operate and improve customer satisfaction by streamlining the drinks ordering process, reducing wait times, and increasing accuracy and efficiency.

With its user-friendly interface and customizable options, Chirz is poised to become the go-to solution for restaurants looking to enhance their customers' dining experience and drive business growth.

March 2022

The problem

With the app, restaurants can provide their customers with expert wine pairings for each menu item, even if they don't have a sommelier on staff. This helps to enhance the overall dining experience and meet the high expectations of customers who are looking for a complete and sophisticated culinary experience. Additionally, Chirz's app can help to alleviate the workload of restaurant staff by providing them with a tool to streamline the wine pairing process, allowing them to focus on other aspects of service.

September 2022

App Development

Tested on first hand on our own restaurants, we started pairing food with our endless wine list.

We tested on our customers the reaction and analysed how much time we were savings for each table on drink orders.

January 2023

Going Live

After months of development and testing, Chirz has officially gone live!

Our innovative pairing solution is now being used by customers in hotels and restaurants alike, for both room service and in-restaurant dining. We are thrilled to see our vision come to life, and to witness the positive impact it is having on both diners and restaurateurs.


We now aspire to provide our services to the hospitality industry to enhance their wine pairing process and improve the overall dining experience for customers. Thanks to Chirz, restaurants can now streamline their wine pairing process, saving time for staff and customers alike.